why is nickel used in jewelry

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  • What is nickel used for?

  • Nickel is one of the elements used to make stainless steel partly due to its corrosion resistant properties. In the U.S, a five cent coin is called a nickel despite being 75% copper and only 25% nickel. More Metal Facts: Alkali Metals Facts

  • Why do jewelry manufacturers use nickel alloy?

  • If nickel alloy is pretty toxic to us and we really have enough of it from our food, water, and even air. Why so many jewelry manufacturers use nickel? The answer to that is pretty simple: to decrease costs of production, of course! They want to save money.

  • Why is nickel used to make stainless steel?

  • In combination with iron, nickel is extremely stable, which explains both its occurrence in iron-containing ores and its effective use in combination with iron to make stainless steel. Nickel is very strong and resistant to corrosion, making it excellent for strengthening metal alloys.

  • What is nickel-free jewelry?

  • In jewelry, nickel can be plated into jewelry, and there also are faucets that are nickel-plated. Nickel is also used in nickel-steel alloyed cookware as well as nickel-pigmented dishes. That said, nickel-free jewelry is jewelry that is made without any nickel or trace amounts of nickel.

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