why is my jewelry turning pink

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Silver jewelry may turn pink if thejewelry is fake. This because the outer coating has been peeled away due to wear and tear. Fake jewelry may also turn a person’s skin green.

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  • Why does jewelry turn my skin green?

  • Copper is often the culprit when discussing jewelry turning skin green. When jewelry is made with copper, it can react with sweat, lotion, and other products on your skin and oxidize.

  • Why is my silver ring turning red?

  • Normal wear and polishing will gradually rub the silver layer away, revealing the reddish color of the copper alloy. If you have a silver ring that is turning copper, you can restore its silver appearance using a simple chemical solution. Your silver ring will gradually turn red in color as the copper alloy is exposed.

  • Why is my 14k gold turning pink?

  • Hi Sarah, The pinkish color on 14K gold is due to heat which causes a copper oxide to form on the surface 鈥?in other words, it鈥檚 fire scale. A good flux will help but if you overheat your pieces, the oxide will form regardless.

  • Why does my finger turn red when I wear gemandi jewelry?

  • It is important to note though, that if your finger turns red or starts to get itchy 鈥?then you may be having an allergic reaction to the material your jewelry is made out of (nickel is likely the culprit here) – Gemandi jewelry is completely nickel free. To learn more about how to shop for jewelry if you have sensitive skin, check out our guide!

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