why does pandora jewelry tarnish

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  • Why does my Pandora bracelet tarnish?

  • The black tarnish is a result of oxidation, and the chemical reactions cause the black tarnish. Just follow the instructions above to ensure that your Pandora bracelet always looks its best. Read more jewelry brands here or visit this page for more information!

  • What causes gold jewelry to tarnish?

  • Gold jewelry tarnishes when it鈥檚 constantly exposed to certain external factors It鈥檚 tarnish 鈥?a fine layer of corrosion on metals that appears as a dull gray or black discoloration on the coating of jewelry. The metals mixed with jewelry react to moisture, air, or the chemical compounds it鈥檚 exposed to, causing the discoloration.

  • Does Pandora Jewelry turn your fingers green?

  • According to Pandora, their jewelry is made of sterling silver, which is a mixture of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. The most common metal added to pure silver is copper. These two metal combinations are the reason for the scratches and color changes. We also cover this topic before: Does sterling silver turn your fingers green?

  • Why are Pandora bracelets made of sterling silver?

  • Silver reacts with oxygen and sulfur, among other chemicals, to cause a color change, which means that the bracelet might look dirty when it really isn鈥檛 dirty. Pandora bracelets, necklaces, and earrings are silver-colored because they are made of the best quality sterling silver.

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