who sells brilliance fine jewelry

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  • What diamonds does brilliance sell?

  • Brilliance sell natural, untreated and non-enhanced diamonds. All of their diamonds are sold with a grading certificate from the GIA, AGS, IGI, HRD or EGL. As I mentioned above, not all of these certificates are equally reliable for assessing diamond quality.

  • Why brilliance jewelry?

  • Brilliance Jewelry offers antique, vintage estate jewelry from across the globe. Direct to you at discounts up to 75% off retail antique mall and jewelry store prices. All jewelry goes through a rigorous inspection and cleaning process by in-house jewelers ensuring only quality items reach and delight you.

  • Is brilliance legit or scam?

  • Is Brilliance.com Legit? Brilliance.com is a legitimate diamond vendor. The company sells authentic diamonds and other jewelry. However, as I鈥檝e mentioned above, there are much better options 鈥?for example, James Allen and Blue Nile both have similar pricing, a better shopping experience and significantly better customer service.

  • What is Brilliance鈥檚 return policy on diamonds?

  • Brilliance offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their diamonds, engagement rings and other jewelry. If you receive a ring and you鈥檙e not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund. At first, this looks like a good offer that鈥檚 comparable to the guarantees offered by our recommended diamond vendors.

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