where to sell indian jewelry near me

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  • Where can I sell my jewelry?

  • You can sell your jewelry to three main places including pawn shops, local fine jewelers and online gold buyers. However, pawn shops and local fine jewelers are more preferable than online gold buyers. 1.

  • What is the best place to sell diamond engagement rings?

  • Worthy is a jewelry marketplace specializing in diamonds and works with items that will sell for $1,000 or more. Diamond engagement rings of at least .5 carats and of good quality typically sell for at least $1,000, as well as branded fine jewelry like Tiffany and Cartier. Worthy is a reputable place to sell jewelry online.

  • What is Native American jewelry-making?

  • The most impressive history of Native American jewelry-making belongs to the Navajo, Santo Domingo, and Hopi artisans who used these materials to create distinctive pieces of jewelry. The Navajo were the first to use Turquoise in combination with silver and are most popularly known for these two designs:

  • Where can I get my jewelry appraised?

  • Check out the American Gem Society for a list of local stores that buy jewelry. National jewelry stores like Zales, Kay Jewelers, and Helzberg Diamonds offer in-store appraisals buy you will need to mail in your jewelry. You can get store credit but not cash.

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