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  • Where can I sell used jewelry online?

  • Where to sell used jewelry online? Like we’ve already said in this article, one of the best places to sell you used jewelry is eBay 鈥?especially, eBay’s auction feature. What is the best online marketplace to sell jewelry?

  • What is the best place to sell diamond engagement rings?

  • Worthy is a jewelry marketplace specializing in diamonds and works with items that will sell for $1,000 or more. Diamond engagement rings of at least .5 carats and of good quality typically sell for at least $1,000, as well as branded fine jewelry like Tiffany and Cartier. Worthy is a reputable place to sell jewelry online.

  • Can you sell jewelry on consignment online?

  • And they don鈥檛 typically do auctions for online jewelry sales. Instead, they take jewelry pieces on consignment. You start by sending them photos of your jewelry pieces. They鈥檒l share what they think you should price your piece at, and then list the piece in their online store.

  • What’s the best place to sell costume jewelry?

  • What’s the best place to sell costume jewelry online? In addition to your own website, there are plenty of marketplaces you can use to sell costume jewelry. The majority of these we’ve covered above, but here’s a quick list: Etsy; eBay; Ruby Lane; ArtFire; Amazon; Bonanza; Zibbet; If you haven’t already, check out these platforms!

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