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  • What is rain jewelry collection?

  • Rian Jewelry Collection鈥?TRENDY, FUN AND AFFORDABLE WHOLESALE FASHION JEWELRY My vision for the creation of RAIN Jewelry Collection came from my many years on the road as a manufacturer鈥檚 representative with A-Train Inc, my first company.

  • Where can I buy sterling silver and gold jewelry?

  • Look to Page Sargisson for handmade solid gold and sterling silver jewelry that’s perfect for gifting and starts as low as $32. Brooklyn-based designer Page Sargisson makes custom pieces that run well into the thousands, but you’ll also find plenty of more affordable options as part of the 10kt silver collection.

  • Is the last line the best place to buy jewelry?

  • For those who love bold, beautiful jewelry, The Last Line is a must-shop. Founded by a Parsons grad and industry veteran, The Last Line wants to be the one and only place you buy all your jewelry.

  • How much does quince jewelry cost?

  • Similar to Italic, Quince is able to offer solid gold and diamond jewelry at affordable prices by cutting out the middleman. If you’re looking for exceptionally dainty pieces, this is where you can pick up a pair of 14-karat gold hoops for less than $50 and a simple 14-karat gold stacker ring for less than $70.

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