where to buy leather cord for jewelry

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  • Can you use leather cord to make jewelry?

  • Use our Leather Cord to create natural Necklaces or Bracelets. Our Leather Cord is round,very supple, and can easily be woven into intricate Jewelry patterns and Jewelry designs. Our Leather Cord comes in a variety of colors and can be used with many different findings to create one of a kind bracelets and more!

  • What are leather cords and laces used for?

  • Until today leather cords and leather laces are indispensable and mostly used in fashion goods, accessoires, shoes, bags, leashes and jewelry such as leather bracelets and necklaces. Our onlineshop offers leather cords for every purpose. Don鈥檛 hesitate to contacting us!

  • What did the Romans use leather cords for?

  • Not to mention the famous roman sandals (caliga), body armors (lorica) or army bags (loculus) which had all leather cords applied and were used to conquer the then known world.

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