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  • What are labret piercings?

  • Labret piercings are located on the lower lip and involve wearing a labret stud-a specially designed piercing bar with a flat disc on one end. The flat disc sits comfortably against the back of the piercing, making labrets a very popular, comfortable piercing.

  • How long does labret jewelry last?

  • This is excellent labret jewelry which is made from quality and durable gold materials, so it will last for long years. Along with this, it also brings you skin-friendliness and some other conveniences.

  • Does Hot Topic sell labret jewelry?

  • Show off your inner celebrity style with the best in monroe piercings and labret jewelry from Hot Topic. We dare you to keep your mouth closed when you see our unreal selection of labret jewelry, including favorite styles like studs and hoops.

  • What are labret studs?

  • Labret studs are the most popular style of piercing studs on the market. Labret studs consist of a flat back plate with a threaded or threadless post connected to a removable gem, ball, or similar jewelry. The backplate of a labret piercing stud lies close to the skin for comfort. What Gives a Labret Stud its Name?

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