where to buy jewelry in florence

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  • Why visit Florence for jewellery making?

  • Strolling by the beautifully lit shop windows, it is impossible to not be struck by the precious jewels on display which are often works of art created by these master Florentine goldsmiths. Artisan gold jewelry made in Florence is appreciated and exported across the world.

  • What to buy in Florence Italy?

  • Gold, silver and precious gemstones are to be found in abundance in Florence. As a matter of fact, in Florence, there are some of the best jewelry stores and goldsmiths in the country.

  • What is gold jewelry made in Florence?

  • Gold jewelry made in Florence is without a doubt one of the most exclusive of the typical handicrafts made in Florence, one of the most popular sought and purchased on trips to the Tuscan capital. Are you searching for an exclusive gift for a special someone?

  • Where can I find a goldsmith in Florence?

  • At the next bridge, Ponte delle Grazie, turn right and then left on to Via San Niccol: a bit hidden but finding master goldsmith Alessandro Dari’s amazing workshop/museum is worth the effort. You’ll get the chance to admire truly magnificent works of art – for free!

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