where did the word jewelry come from

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Latin word ‘jocale’

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  • What is the history of jewellery?

  • Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of adornment. The first traces of jewelry were seen among the African people. In those times jewelry was mostly made up of bones, teeth, shells and stones. Not only the appearance, the materials used, and the art of jewelry making but even the basic function of jewelry has also changed over the years.

  • What does jewelry mean to you?

  • Just the mention of the word jewelry sets the pulses racing of many a woman. Jewelry is something that no woman can ever deny. However, like anything and everything else jewelry has also evolved in many years over the decades. The word ‘ Jewelry ‘ originated from the Latin word ‘jocale’ meaning ‘play thing’.

  • What is the origin of the word’jewel’?

  • Restricted sense of precious stone, gem developed in English from early 14c. Figurative meaning beloved person, admired woman is late 14c. Colloquial family jewels testicles is from 1920s, but jewel as testicle dates to late 15c.

  • What is the origin of the word Jew?

  • Origin Of The Word 鈥淛ew鈥? That is, the modern English word 鈥淛ew鈥?is the 18th century contraction and corruption of the 4th century Latin 鈥淚udaeus鈥?found in St. Jerome鈥檚 Vulgate Edition and derived from the Greek word 鈥淚oudaios.鈥?The evolution of this can easily be seen in the extant manuscripts from the 4th century to the 18th century,…

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