where can i get tragus jewelry

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  • What are tragus earrings and where can I buy them?

  • Tragus earrings are the perfect way to make your piercing stand out. They come in tons of different styles and colors, so you can find something that suits you perfectly. From simple studs to beaded hoops, there鈥檚 a tragus earring for everyone! Get one today from Claire’s! We have tons of options available at our stores or online.

  • What kind of jewelry do you use for tragus piercings?

  • Whether you are looking for sparkling genuine diamonds and precious gemstones, or tiny charms like moons or hearts, we have something for every tragus piercing. We are proud to use only nickel-free gold for our piercing jewelry, and only internal threading for safe and comfortable use.

  • Can a tragus piercing be stretched?

  • Remember that it鈥檚 easier to stretch a piercing than it is to shrink it. By far, cartilage studs are the most popular styles for the tragus piercing jewelry. The unique location of the tragus speaks for itself; a small gemstone or charm peeking from the tragus is enough to make this piercing shine.

  • Why choose freshtrends’tragus earring styles?

  • Dainty styles require the utmost attention to detail in order to capture tiny intricacies and achieve the ultimate shine, even with the smallest gemstones. When you opt for FreshTrends’ tragus earring styles, you can sleep easy knowing that we’ll always achieve this standard. Our tragus earring collection is handcrafted by our own team of jewelers.

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