where can i get tragus jewelry

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  • What kind of jewelry do you use for tragus piercings?

  • Whether you are looking for sparkling genuine diamonds and precious gemstones, or tiny charms like moons or hearts, we have something for every tragus piercing. We are proud to use only nickel-free gold for our piercing jewelry, and only internal threading for safe and comfortable use.

  • How much does a tragus piercing cost?

  • How much does a tragus piercing cost? The average tragus piercing cost is 30 – 35 at a Blue Banana UK store. The price will vary depending on the type of piercing jewellery you choose. Prices of piercings tend to reflect the experience needed by the piercer to carry out that specific piercing.

  • What is a tragus earring?

  • The tragus is the part of the ear that protrudes out in front of the ear canal. Known as being an edgier piercing, this type of earring is the perfect way to add some fun flair to your face. Tragus earrings come in a ton of simple designs that will comfortably fit in this unique spot of the ear.

  • How long does it take for a tragus piercing to heal?

  • Tragus piercing healing will take 3-9 months because it is a cartilage piercing. The tragus piercing healing time can be helped by avoiding activities such as sleeping on your piercing or wearing headphones. Keeping up with tragus piercing aftercare by regularly cleaning your piercing with saltwater solution will help your ear to heal.

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