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Symbol of perfection

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  • What is Monet jewelry?

  • Monet has been credited as being the first costume jewelry brand to stamp each piece of jewelry they manufactured with their hallmark. This made it easy to identify the piece and set Monet jewelry apart from other brands.

  • When did Monet become a fashion brand?

  • In 1937, the company鈥檚 name was changed to Monet and began producing high-quality costume jewelry. Led by Edmond Granville, a former Cartier fine jewelry designer, the company transformed into a leading fashion brand.

  • When did Monet start selling earrings?

  • Monet partnered with General Mills in 1968, a first for the intentionally small, family-oriented company. The 1970s saw the arrival of pierced earrings (until then, all Monet earrings were all clip-ons). In 1977, Monet launched Ciani, a line of fine jewelry in 14-carat gold, sterling silver, and vermeil.

  • What are Monet鈥檚 clip-on earrings?

  • Monet鈥檚 clip-on earrings mimicked small bows, intricate flora, fruit baskets, and wedding-band-style hoops, a Monet signature. Some designs were geometric, with metal twists and concentric circles. The color ranged from pink gold to yellow gold to silver. In the 鈥?0s, costume jewelry flourished as it became a part of people鈥檚 everyday fashion.

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