what is internally threaded jewelry

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Screw thread is hidden inside the post

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  • What is the difference between internally and externally threaded body jewelry?

  • In externally threaded body jewelry, the threading or male part is located on the shaft of the jewelry that fits into the piercing while the decorative end bears the female part, which the shaft screws into. Traditionally an internally threaded body jewelry is more expensive to purchase than externally threaded body jewelry.

  • What does internally threaded mean?

  • Internally threaded means that the inside of the part of the jewelry, that will pass through your body is smooth. The threading or 鈥榮crew鈥?is on the removable end, such as a ball end on a barbell. This end will screw into the hole that has been drilled with the matching pattern, so it will receive the end of the jewelry and create a snug fit.

  • Why is internally threaded jewelry so important for piercings?

  • However, this tiny feature is so important to consider for a number of reasons. New piercings must use internally-threaded jewelry. In externally threaded jewelry, the thread will rub against the piercing as it slips through, which can cause trauma to the skin and bring in harmful bacteria.

  • What is an externally threaded piercing?

  • Externally threaded body jewelry has the thread on the end of the barbell and it is placed inside a threaded hole in the ball. This means that when the jewelry is being passed through the piercing, the threads also pass through it, and then the ball is screwed into place.

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