what is gold tone jewelry

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Definition. Gold tone jewelry refers to any piece that has no measurable gold content,but has a finish that appears to be gold.Expert Insight. The U.S. …Health. Gold tone jewelry is a health risk for people with sensitivity to certain metals,such as nickel. …Considerations. …Warning. …

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  • What does gold tone mean in jewelry?

  • Gold Tone or Silver Tone: Indicates that a non-precious metal is coated or plated to resemble gold or silver. Often used in metal jewelry and keepsake boxes. Gold Tone. Jewelry finished with a gold color with almost no appreciable measurement of weight in actual gold.

  • What is gold-tone jewelry?

  • Gold-tone jewelry has so little gold that it can鈥檛 be measured in Karats. Therefore, a gold plated accessory has no real gold but just has the color of gold that makes it look like the real thing. The price of this type of jewelry is usually low, making it available for everyone to wear.

  • What is the difference between gold-tone and rolled gold?

  • Being able to differentiate a gold-tone or gold-plated piece from actual gold can save you money, time and hassle. RG 鈥?Rolled Gold describes a thin coating of 12k or 14k gold applied to a base metal. The gold color is more durable and longer lasting than other processes of creating gold-colored jewelry.

  • Is gold tone jewelry a health risk?

  • Gold tone jewelry is a health risk for people with sensitivity to certain metals, such as nickel. These metals are commonly used in inexpensive jewelry and can cause contact dermatitis in sensitive individuals. According to Texas AM University, nickel allergic contact dermatitis is the most common allergy on the North American continent.

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