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Representation of femininity

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  • What is the Edwardian era in jewelry?

  • This era corresponds to the Art Nouveau era and the Belle Epoque era of continental Europe. It is also the last jewellery period to be named after an English monarch. Edward VII was a lighthearted and fun loving man, with a reputation as a playboy.

  • Why was platinum so popular in Edwardian jewellery?

  • As a result, platinum quickly became popular and was extensively used in Edwardian jewellery. In 1908 the colours of the suffragette movement were announced as green, white and violet. After which jewellery containing these colours became very popular. This suffragette jewellery was manufactured and worn up until 1914.

  • What is an Edwardian ring?

  • Edwardian rings are works of art and best worn alone or alongside a simple wedding band. The simple diamond studs at the start of the century were soon eclipsed by delicate openwork designs. Long glittering earrings with miniature garland-style wreaths and pronounced central stones came into play.

  • What makes Cartier jewellery Edwardian?

  • Cartier pioneered the use of platinum in Edwardian jewellery, sparking the 鈥榳hite on white鈥?trend that would last until the beginning of World War I in 1914. Jewellery from the Edwardian era is delicate, pretty and well made by expert craftsmen using valuable, long-lasting materials such as platinum and diamonds.

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