what is e coating on jewelry

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Electrophoretic coating

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  • How is E coating done on jewelry?

  • JEWELRY E-COATING PROCESS From a step-by-step perspective, the E-coating processbears a striking resemblance to the electro-plating process. Using a rectifier, which sends an electric current through the various liquid solutions, a piece of jewelry is taken and dipped into an electro-cleaner solution.

  • What types of E-coating are used on jewelry?

  • COMMON FORMS OF JEWELRY E-COATINGS. To start out, it鈥檚 important to know what types of E-coating’s are used on jewelry. We鈥檝e mostly seen the usage of ceramic and acrylic E-coating’s on jewelry, though there are other types out there. These ceramic and acrylic E-coating’s differ from standard paint by way of their application.

  • What is E-coating and how does it work?

  • E-coating is a semi-transparent mixture of enameling and plating; acrylic or ceramic particles are electrically carried and adhered to the surface, and the item is baked in an oven or kiln to cure the coating. The metal of your jewelry: E-coating is best applied to standard metals such as silver and gold.

  • What is the difference between plating and E-coating jewelry?

  • Similarly to plating鈥檚, E-coating鈥檚 alter the outwardappearance of jewelry pieces. While they don鈥檛 make use of a secondary metal, the E-coating ceramics and acrylics change the look and feel of whatever they鈥檙e coated onto. They鈥檙e the equivalent of anew paint job for your jewelry. #2.

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