what is chrome diopside jewelry

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  • Is chrome diopside a good choice for jewelry?

  • Because the stone is quite affordable, you can find beautifully crafted pieces at reasonable prices, making it an easy stone to add to your jewelry collection especially as an alternative to more expensive green gemstones. Chrome diopside is a softer gemstone, with a hardness rating of only 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale.

  • What is diopside gemstone?

  • Chrome Diopside is the gemstone for nature lovers and those of us with concerns about the future of the planet we live on. If you are planning to tackle any local environmental issues this is the gemstone you want by your side.

  • Where is chrome diopside found?

  • The most plentiful deposits were found in 1988 in Siberia which made the stone available for use in jewelry. This is why it is sometimes also called Siberian Emerald, even though emerald is a highly valuable precious stone while chrome diopside is only a semi-precious gemstone. Pakistan is another noteworthy source for this gemstone.

  • What is chromium diopside made of?

  • Chrome diopside is a chromium-rich, transparent to translucent variety of gemstone-quality calcium magnesium silicate. It is one of the rarer varieties of diopside and belongs to the pyroxene family of minerals. … Chrome diopside is an officially recognized variety of diopside and one of the newest gems on the market today.

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