what does pct mean on jewelry

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  • What does PD mean on a ring?

  • What does PD mean? PD means Palladium. This is a member of the platinum family of alloys. What does a KP stamp mean on my jewelry? This stands for Karat Plumb and is a certification that it is at least the karat marked or better.

  • What does tk316 stamped on jewelry mean?

  • If your jewelry is embossed with the tk 316 stamped, it means it has stainless steel material in it and no pure gold is used in it. In addition, it is highly believed that the TK316 stainless steel jewelry collection remains to stay eco-friendly. It comes in a reusable and also recyclable form.

  • What does TK mean on jewelry?

  • Furthermore, tk means that you have got the vintage collection. Almost every single piece, whether they are earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, or anklets, they have tk stamping on them. They are sterling written and this stamping comes in the form of a circular pattern.

  • What is the abbreviation for jewelry?

  • These are a few of the most common abbreviations you鈥檒l see: GP/SS – Gold plated over sterling silver, also known as 鈥渧ermeil鈥?Abbreviations are important for understanding the value and characteristics of gems. This jewelry abbreviations list is particularly important in diamond grading.

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