what does lead and nickel free jewelry mean

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Skin is porous

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  • What does nickel-free jewelry mean?

  • The term nickel-free explains everything to you. It simply means that the jewels contain no nickel. Unfortunately, although some ornaments are marked as nickel-free to say it has no nickel, in most cases, it still has some nickel. This means that if you are skin sensitive, you will still react to such jewels.

  • What is lead-free jewelry?

  • On the other hand, you have lead-free jewelry, which is not only safe and good to your body but also tarnish-free. An example of tarnish-free jewelry is pewter and what stands out from this jewelry is the fact that it doesn鈥檛 have any lead, a feature that means that the jewelry will not tarnish.

  • Does cheap jewelry contain nickel and lead?

  • Cheap, costume and discount jewelry are particularly likely to contain nickel and lead (because costume / discount jewelry is often imported from developing countries that don鈥檛 have a great deal of oversight for their manufacturing.)

  • Does lead and nickel-free jewelry tarnish?

  • Whether the lead and nickel-free jewelry tarnish or not is a factor that鈥檚 dependent on the make-up of the base metal, gold, for example, is resistant to tarnishing, while silver isn鈥檛. however, because of rhodium plating, there won鈥檛 be any tarnishing.

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