what does b mean on jewelry

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Silver is mixed with other metals to create a more durable metal. The 925 mark on jewelry stands for 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals like copper or nickel. The letter B attached may represent adate code, a maker鈥檚 mark, or it may mean it is made in Mexico.

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  • What is the abbreviation for jewelry?

  • These are a few of the most common abbreviations you鈥檒l see: GP/SS – Gold plated over sterling silver, also known as 鈥渧ermeil鈥?Abbreviations are important for understanding the value and characteristics of gems. This jewelry abbreviations list is particularly important in diamond grading.

  • What do the stamps on gold jewelry mean?

  • Each number stands for the percentage of purity of gold, platinum, and silver. Please refer to the photo to see what the stamps look like as well as the essay鈥檚 office stamp. That covers the most common stamps on gold jewelry. There may be some other variations or even country marks such as Italy alongside these markings.

  • What do the numbers on a piece of jewelry mean?

  • Each stamp signifies that a piece of jewelry contains 900 parts per 1000 parts platinum, or 90% platinum. Typically, craftsmen mix this metal with other alloys such as rhodium, palladium, and ruthenium. If a piece has a higher percentage of platinum, the 900 number will be larger.

  • What does ABF mean on my jewelry?

  • ABF on jewelry commonly means it has an antique bronze, antique copper or antique brass finish over some other type of metal. What does ABP, ACF or ACP mean on my jewelry? What does AGF, AGP, ANP, ARF, ARP, ASF or ASP mean on my jewelry?

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