what does 685 mean on jewelry

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  • What does stamp 685 mean on jewelry?

  • Gold stamping on jewelry What does stamp 685 mean on jewelry? Pure gold content is often represented in decimal %’s for example 14 karat is represented as .585 [14 / 24 = .585]. In the case of 14k 58.5% of the jewelry stamped is pure gold [ 24k ].

  • What does 585 gold stamps mean?

  • Here are the common 585 gold stamps: 14K: 14K stamp indicates that the gold jewelry is made from either 583 gold or 585 gold. Some manufactures might specify 鈥?83鈥?or 鈥?85鈥?in their stamp, while some may just stamp it as 14K.

  • What does 900 mean on silver jewelry?

  • A 900 stamp on silver tells you that it is 9 parts pure silver and 1 part other metals. What Is Gold Tone Jewelry? What Are the Marks for 18 Kt Gold?

  • What do the numbers on jewelry mean?

  • The number found on jewelry is a karat hallmark and tells you how much of a metal is in that piece.

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