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  • What did Kay Jewelers sell before necklaces and rings?

  • Before the days of walking around the mall or catching a Kay Jewelers commercial on TV, the store used to sell a lot more than just necklaces and rings. In fact, according to the Kay Jewelers website, Kay Jewelers originally sold things like eyeglasses, as well as music boxes, appliances, silverware, and even razors!

  • Are Kay Jewelers diamonds legit?

  • So, if you own a diamond from Kay Jewelers, you can take comfort in the knowledge that it was not sourced illegally or through horrible means. In fact, Kay Jewelers requires that each and every diamond they supply comes with a warranty that it is not a conflict diamond.

  • What is the difference between Zales and Kay Jewelers?

  • Much like Kay, Zales is commonly found in many malls across the United States, while Jared the Galleria of Jewelry tends to be a standalone store near shopping centers. Still, Kay Jewelers stands out from its sibling stores.

  • What’s the difference between Kay Jewelers and Jared Jewelers?

  • Additionally, while Kay Jewelers tends to be only in malls, the Signet website once stated that the company was actively trying to expand Kay stores to non-mall locations, much like Jared locations. Clearly, under parent company Signet, Kay Jewelers is only growing, and the brand’s presence is broadening every day.

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