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  • Is Jaxxon gold real gold?

  • The brand has a considerably pricier line of solid 14K gold jewelry, and the gold-bonded items covered in this Jaxxon jewelry review above are plated with the same karat weight. So, yes, Jaxxon jewelry is real gold.

  • What’s your review of Jaxxon jewelry?

  • They are the Tiffany Co. for men, providing affordable luxury to men of all shapes and sizes. You can鈥檛 find men鈥檚 jewelry this great anywhere else. JAXXON is a top-tier luxury jewelry brand that is truly unlike any other.

  • Why choose Jaxxon gold chains?

  • Gold chains came fast and where very鈥?Gold chains came fast and where very good quality. So glad you love the quality of our chains and service here at JAXXON! Thank you so much for the review, we appreciate it so much! Packaging is very slick. Gifting this to my husband who I know will enjoy unwrapping it for this Christmas!

  • Is Jaxxon jewelry made in Italy?

  • Made in Italy, you know you鈥檙e getting quality, and the promise of ethical sourcing is equally as attractive to those who care about where their jewelry comes from. Matching GLD with its great-looking pieces, JAXXON has a smaller selection but retains the same lifetime guarantee and option to purchase gold-bonded or solid gold jewelry.

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