is it ok to wear jewelry to a funeral

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  • What jewelry should you wear to a funeral?

  • Because funerals tend to be formal and call for more careful attention to your attire than usual, it makes sense that you will put on some jewelry before you leave the house. A string of pearls, an understated watch, a favorite family brooch鈥攁ll these things are common to wear to a funeral and can appear very tasteful.

  • Is it OK to wear a white shirt to a funeral?

  • White is acceptable for jewelry, accents, and shirts worn under darker colors (i.e. a white dress shirt with suit and tie) 2. What to Wear at a Funeral: Women More outfit ideas here. For women attending a funeral, the traditional dress code has long been a modest black dress or a black business dress suit.

  • Can you wear jeans to a funeral?

  • Shy away from wearing jeans, even black ones, because they are considered too casual for a funeral. But if you only have a pair of black jeans, pair it with a tailored blazer, a nice shirt, and shoes (not sneakers) to make the look more fitting for the occasion. There are exceptions to the above.

  • How to dress for a funeral service?

  • Follow the dress code for the church if the funeral service is being held in the sanctuary. If you are unsure how to dress, think about what you would wear to an office job interview and wear that. Ladies may wear a sleeveless dress with a tailored jacket, sweater, or shawl over it.

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