is claire’s jewelry safe

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  • Can you get piercings at Claire’s?

  • Many times, the people who pierce at Claire’s are staff workers who are trained just to use the piercing gun they have there, and have no formal training in hygiene or as Infinite Body Piercing notes, bloodborne pathogens. Some piercers also disagree with the shop’s policies on ear piercing, as well.

  • Is Claire鈥檚 open 24/7 online?

  • That鈥檚 why we鈥檙e staying open online 24/7, and have launched our 鈥淎t Home with Claire鈥檚鈥?page just for you; with tons of ideas to keep you and your families active and entertained, it鈥檚 sure to bring much needed fun and inspiration as we navigate together through these rough waters.

  • Was a Claire’s employee 鈥榟orrified鈥?when a 7-year-old wants her ears pierced?

  • In 2019, a former Claire’s employee went viral after sharing on social media that she was horrified when a 7-year-old girl came in with her mother to get her ears pierced, but then changed her mind before the process began.

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