how to use resin for jewelry

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  • How to make resin jewelry at home?

  • Once you have decided which resin jewelry or accessory you want to make, the first step is to choose a suitable silicone mold. Then you should at least roughly estimate how much resin you will need to fill the mold. Now mix about half of the calculated value and color it in if necessary.

  • How do you make a resin flower necklace?

  • The alternative: buy the already dried flowers or botanical pieces so you can start right away. Pour a little bit of epoxy resin into a jewelry mold and place the flower in it. Then fill up the resin jewelry mold with resin and wait until the piece is dried.

  • What kind of resin should I use for jewelry molds?

  • For example, if you are using a big, deep jewelry mold, you should use a casting resin, which has a water-like consistency and dries flat. Of course, resin jewelry became popular because you are free to add whatever you鈥檇 like to the mold before pouring the resin.

  • How do you mix epoxy resin for jewelry?

  • This jeweler鈥檚 epoxy resin comes in two components, a resin, and a hardener. To activate the epoxy, you will need to mix the epoxy and the hardener in equal parts. Once the formula is well-mixed, you can pour this mixture into a mold or bezel, and the resin will cure in just five minutes!

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