how to use air dry clay for jewelry

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Make the piece of air-dryclayyou want to use in the mold close to the same shape. For small leaves or jewelrypieces, I roll a small piece of the air-dryclayinto a ball and place the ball into the middle of the mold. I then press in the middle and work the air-dryclayoutwards to the edges of the mold.

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  • How to make an air dry clay bracelet?

  • Steps to make this pretty air dry clay bracelet: Roll clay out into a flat sheet and then gently press into texture sheet to create a pattern in the clay. Cut out circles in the clay using the water bottle lid.

  • How to use air drying clay?

  • When you鈥檙e ready to use air drying clay, use a wire or piece of cloth to cut off a chunk of it. Massage that chunk in your hands to warm it up and make it more pliable.

  • What kind of paint do you use to paint clay?

  • – Acrylic paint: It gets the top. Acrylic paint can be painted onto air dry clays or can be added into air dry clay to make the clay colored before modeling. Sometimes it is nice to have colored clay, other times it isn’t necessary so painting after the piece has dried is better.

  • What type of clay is best for making jewelry?

  • Choose resin-based air drying clay for smaller projects like jewelry. Equally strong, resin based clay (sometimes called porcelain based clay) is much denser, and when it is dried seems much more similar to baked polymer clay. It is also much more expensive and heavier.

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