how to untangle jewelry

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You may have heard that baby oil can help untangle jewelry, but jewelry designer Anuja Tolia of Anuja Tolia Jewelry cautions against this practice. It can harm the jewelry or change its coloring, she says. Instead,soak tangled strands in warm water with a very mild soap(fragrance-free baby shampoo is a great choice) to loosen any knots.

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  • How to UN-tangle a necklace?

  • You can coat the chain by laying it on a surface and sprinkling the powder on top, or you can add the necklace to a plastic bag with one tablespoon of baby powder and shake it all together for approximately one minute. Once the necklace is well-coated, start to gently massage the knot with your fingers. You may feel it start to untangle right away.

  • How to untangle a necklace with Windex?

  • Method 4 of 5: Untangling Your Necklace Using Windex 1 Lubricate the knot. Dab some drops of Windex onto the knotted parts of the necklace. … 2 Loosen the necklace knot. Place your necklace in a small container on top of a vibrating object, such as a washing machine. 3 Untangle the necklace. … 4 Clean the necklace. …

  • How do you get a tangle out of a jewelry chain?

  • If you’re working with gold or silver chains, you can also add a dab of coconut oil for lubrication, which won’t tarnish or harm your jewelry. – Melissa Tip 4: When untangling jewelry chain I like to use a wooden skewer and slip it through the middle of the tangle to loosen it and make it easier to untangle.

  • Are You having trouble untangling your jewelry chain?

  • Nothing can irk you more than untangling jewelry chain. It’s frustrating and can easily ruin your day, especially if you’re dealing with multiple pieces of finished chain or a pile of tangled footage chain.

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