how to untangle jewelry

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You may have heard that baby oil can help untangle jewelry, but jewelry designer Anuja Tolia of Anuja Tolia Jewelry cautions against this practice. It can harm the jewelry or change its coloring, she says. Instead,soak tangled strands in warm water with a very mild soap(fragrance-free baby shampoo is a great choice) to loosen any knots.

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  • How do I Untangle my Necklace?

  • Untangle the necklace. After the necklace has had some time to sit and shake, remove the necklace from the small container, and rub the knot in between your fingers.

  • How to untangle a necklace with Windex?

  • Method 4 of 5: Untangling Your Necklace Using Windex 1 Lubricate the knot. Dab some drops of Windex onto the knotted parts of the necklace. … 2 Loosen the necklace knot. Place your necklace in a small container on top of a vibrating object, such as a washing machine. 3 Untangle the necklace. … 4 Clean the necklace. …

  • Which necklaces are the most difficult to untangle?

  • Beaded necklaces, such as pearl necklaces, are the most fragile and difficult to untangle out of all necklace types. Since they’re usually made with string, it’s very easy to break them with a strong tug.

  • How to make tangled necklaces a thing of the past?

  • Make tangled necklaces a thing of the past with proper storage solutions for your home and on-the-go. For home, we recommend a jewelry case that allows necklaces to hang separately. Do NOT lay necklaces flat! It seems like a good idea, but you鈥檙e just asking for tangles. Even jewelry boxes with drawers will slip and slide as you open them up.

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