how to tell real amber jewelry

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Checking its hardness

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  • How to tell if an amber gemstone is real?

  • Salt Water test. The other effective test for identifying real Amber from fake is Salt Water test. In order to do this test you will need about 7 teaspoons of salt and a medium size cup of water. Add all teaspoons of salt into the water and stir well until salt is fully melted. In the next step add your Amber gemstone into this water.

  • How do you test for amber in jewelry?

  • There is like a whole bunch of tests for amber – Salty Water test, Heating test, Scratch test, UV test, Acentone or Alcohol test, Rubbing/Smell test, Weight test, Visual test and etc. Some of them are quite invasive obviously, but you can always make it on the hidden parts of your jewelry.

  • How can you tell the difference between copal and Amber?

  • Copal, in particular, will become tacky while real amber remains smooth during the process. Salt Water Test – Take a bowl or pot out and fill it with water and salt using a 2:1 ratio then mix it. In salt water, genuine amber will float while most fakes, which are denser in weight, will sink.

  • Where can I buy Amber jewelry?

  • We recommend starting your search on Etsy as there is an abundance of amber jewelry at a range of price points and to suit a variety of styles. Each Etsy store has its own policies and rules, so make sure you check reviews and the after sales policies of the store before you purchase. Amazon also provides an excellent variety of amber jewelry.

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