how to ship jewelry from philippines to usa

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  • What is the best way to ship jewelry?

  • After the jewelry is already packaged in a jewelry box and wrapped in tissue or foam, place it in a larger mailing or shipping box. Make sure to layer the interiors of the larger shipping box with bubble wrap, newspaper, packaging peanuts, styrofoam or other packaging material.

  • How to ship from the US to the Philippines?

  • Generally, there are 2 most used ways how to ship goods and personal items from the US to the Philippines. The first is you find some carrier like FedEx, contact them, schedule the pickup and they deliver the package to your delivery address. It works, but it is ridiculously expensive.

  • What is the best shipping carrier for jewelry?

  • Far and away, the best shipping carrier to use for your jewelry shipments is USPS. USPS offers the best mix of affordable rates and quick delivery, and for lightweight items like jewelry and accessories, you鈥檒l never find better rates with any other carrier.

  • What are the risks of shipping jewelry?

  • Shipping jewelry carelessly increases the risk that it may get damaged, lost or stolen during transit – the last thing your company needs! Here鈥檚 a closer look at the best way to ship jewelry securely so that it reaches your customers in one piece! 01 How Do You Pack Jewelry? 02 How Do You Ship Jewelry? How Do You Pack Jewelry?

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