how to prevent jewelry from tarnishing

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Sealant spray

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  • Does jewelry tarnish when you wear it?

  • The rate at which things tarnish will vary depending on your body chemistry: how acidic or basic it is and how much you sweat. To prevent tarnishing on this kind of cheap jewelry, you can either coat the parts of the jewelry that are next to the skin with nail polish or spray the whole piece with clear paint, as I explain in detail below.

  • Does sterling silver tarnish when left out?

  • Have you ever left sterling silver out and noticed it’s become a dark tone? That’s from the metal reacting to moisture and sulfur in the air. Even vermeil, 10k-18k gold plated and gold-filled jewelry are not resistant to tarnishing. They’ll eventually show signs of wear, but are likely to hold up better than jewelry not plated this way.

  • Why does gold plating tarnish?

  • Before we discuss tips to prevent tarnishing, let’s tackle why it occurs in the first place. This is largely due to the fact that gold plating is a thin layer above a base metal, which makes pieces stronger and less likely to bend.

  • What is the best way to store your jewelry?

  • All our experts recommended storing jewelry in a pouch, case, or jewelry box to prevent tarnishing and fading. 鈥淚f you want to take the ultimate care of your jewelry, store in a dark, cool, and dry place to avoid humidity and heat, which can cause tarnishing,鈥?Hordern tells Byrdie.

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