how to paint copper jewelry

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For best results, apply a thin coat ofspray paint primerto the jewelry. After the primer has dried for at least an hour, begin spraying the jewelry with a light coat of enamel spray paint. Hold the can no closer than 6 inches from the piece and spray in even strokes.

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  • Can you paint metal jewelry?

  • But metal jewelry, like any other metallic surface, is kind of picky when it comes to accepting paint. The greatest fear of painting metal jewelry is perhaps to have the layer of paint chip or crack after just a few uses leaving it looking ugly and cheap. So what kind of paint do you use on metal jewelry?

  • What kind of paint to use on copper?

  • For painting on copper, you鈥檒l need special paint just like a special primer. When buying paint, look for paints that are formulated to go on metals. This will give you the best and most vibrant look. Moreover, the paint will last a long time. Now there are bazillion paints available for metal. Which one should you choose?

  • Do I need to clean the copper surface before painting?

  • Before we get into the complexities, the copper surface needs to be cleaned! If you don鈥檛 remove all the tarnish and oxidation, the paint won鈥檛 sit.

  • How do you prepare jewelry before painting?

  • Preparing the jewelry piece before painting it is an important step that you can’t overlook. Wipe the piece with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt, grime or other debris off the jewelry. The rubbing alcohol dissipates quickly and creates a clean surface for the paint.

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