how to mount a coin for jewelry

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Wrap the outside of the coinwith the wire three or four times right below the twist you made. Bend the the wire slightly so that it overlaps the edge of the coinin even increments around the front and back. Press the wire down against the coinwith a pair of pliers to make sure it is secure.

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  • How to mount a lucky coin?

  • One way is to drill or punch a hole through the coin and the other way is to mount the coin in a bezel. If you don鈥檛 mind putting a hole in your lucky coin, then this is the quick and easy way to go. But, if damaging your precious memento is too much to bear, then the bezel method would be best for you.

  • What are the best coin mounts for jewellery?

  • Our half sovereign and sterling silver pendant mounts are ideal for coin collectors and perfect for creating unique coin pendants and other coin-inspired jewellery. Browse our collection of coin mounts and coin bezels today and get your latest jewellery project underway. Why not get started with one of our gold coin mounts ?

  • Can I use wire to make a Coin Jewelry frame?

  • Thanks! Hi Glenda, coin jewelry has been popular since coinage began! I think that using wire to make the frame is a smart choice, because the actual coin is not damaged by drilling a hole in it or cutting parts of the coin out. Here are my solutions to this challenge.

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