how to make twisted wire jewelry

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Hold the opposite end (s) of the wire (s) firmly with flat-nose pliers and twist the pin vise with the other hand until the wire is twisted to the desired look. Then twist the head open to release the wire. With regards to wirejewelry creation,these units are most often used to twist shorter lengths of wire,from -inch to 12-inches.

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  • How do you make a simple wire twist?

  • Place a pencil or other object with a round cross-section (such as the jaw of a pair of round-nose pliers) at the top of the twist and wrap the 2 wires around it in opposite directions to create a nice, round loop. Make sure the 2 wires of your loop are tightly wrapped and close together.

  • How do you use woven wire for jewelry?

  • Incorporate your woven wire into a pendant, bracelet, or ring. Woven wire can make a striking addition to many types of jewelry. Once the wire is woven, you can bend it into the shape of your choice by hand or using pliers.

  • How to make a wire bracelet with letters on it?

  • Wire name bracelet Twisting delicate jewelry wire into the shape of letters isn鈥檛 hard, but it does take a lot of patience. Using a pair of jewelry pliers or small needle nose pliers will help you get the right loops and swoops in your letters. 5. Butterfly pendant

  • How do you wind a twist and twist coil?

  • Wrap each of the remaining 2 wires around the final twist. Take each of the 2 free wires, one at a time, and wind each one around the vertical twist 5 times or until you reach the top of the twist. When you’re done, snip off the ends with your wire cutters. Wind these wires slowly and carefully to make a strong, tight coil.

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