how to make sisterlock jewelry

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  • What are Sisterlocks and how are they made?

  • Sisterlocks are basically very small dreadlocks. They are made by a specialist using a small tool that helps lock the hair together. The professional will start locking hair at the end and work their way up to the root. How Are SIsterlocks Installed?

  • What size do sisterlock LOCS come in?

  • It is easy to consult with your sisterlock professional before agreeing on a specific size you would like the locs to be. Some prefer bigger locs, while some prefer very tiny ones. These locs can range from 鈪?of an inch to 鈪?of an inch, depending on your style.

  • How do you get rid of Sisterlocks?

  • Just like normal dreadlocks, sisterlocks can be removed in one of two ways. It is possible, with a lot of patience, to comb out sisterlocks. You will need to cut of the bottom tips off, wash and condition your hair, and then begin carefully combing out each loc.

  • Are Sisterlocks bad for your hair?

  • If you are working with an expert sisterlock stylist, the locking technique is actually very gentle to the hair and scalp. They can even help keep your hair safe and promote hair growth . However, to keep your sisterlocks healthy and decrease breakage, you will need to keep up with maintaining them.

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