how to make resin photo jewelry

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  • What is photo resin jewelry?

  • These are specially designed to reflect the light and yet let it pass through in just the right spots. This easy photo resin jewelry tutorial is for pendants and earrings. Little Windows has both one sided and double sided photo papers available.

  • How do you keep resin from staining on a picture?

  • The objective is to prevent the resin from seeping around the edges and underneath the image. If this happens, the coat of Mod Podge applied earlier to the back of the image should prevent any staining. Step 6: Insert the picture into the bezel. Make sure it is flat and there are no air bubbles.

  • How do I mix resin for a photo bezel?

  • Be sure to have everything dry and ready prior to mixing, as resin needs to be used immediately. Mix your resin in a well-ventilated area. Step 8: Pour one layer of resin into the bezel (enough to cover your photo). Deeper bezels may need more than one pour, depending on manufacturer鈥檚 instructions. Be careful not to over pour.

  • What is the best clear resin for jewelry making?

  • Little Windows’ clear Brilliant Resin is superb for jewelry making. It is a low bubble producer and has a longer shelf life than other makes which already look yellow when you see them in the store. I also like the clear Art Resin brand which artists used for covering paintings.

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