how to make resin jewelry with pictures

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  • Can you make photo resin jewelry?

  • I’ve dabbled with some photo resin jewelry making before but not entirely successfully. So when Fran Valera of Little Windows sent me some of her photo paper to try, I was most excited! Little Windows was thus named after the beautiful window-like effect created by putting sharp images of photos into resin molds.

  • What is resin jewelry made of?

  • Resin jewelry is fairly easy to make and so versatile as you can mix so many materials 鈥?glitter, gems, wood, paper, and so on. The resulting jewelry is waterproof and can last for a very long time. Even better, they鈥檙e not harmful to the skin, so even if you have various allergies, these resin jewelry pieces will work well with you.

  • Can You Make your own resin ring?

  • Making yourself a ring with resin is also something that鈥檚 fairly easy to do and you鈥檒l need even fewer materials! It鈥檚 such a cute ring! Follow the tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets ! 31. Faux Opal Jewelry with Resin Truly one of the most breathtaking resin jewelry pieces we鈥檝e seen features pieces that are looking to imitate opals.

  • How do you keep resin from staining on a picture?

  • The objective is to prevent the resin from seeping around the edges and underneath the image. If this happens, the coat of Mod Podge applied earlier to the back of the image should prevent any staining. Step 6: Insert the picture into the bezel. Make sure it is flat and there are no air bubbles.

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