how to make raw stone jewelry

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  • Can you make jewelry out of rough gemstones?

  • Try making jewelry out of rough gemstones. Rough gemstones are natural stones that have not been processed by man. Many gemstones undergo treatments such as being heated and oiled to cover any flaws or imperfections. Rough gemstones are untouched, uncut, and untreated, so they retain their original value.

  • Should you include raw stones in your jewelry design?

  • Including raw stones in your jewelry design doesn鈥檛 mean excluding faceted gems. In this pendant, an idocrase crystal represents Earth, while a sparkling citrine and an aquamarine cabochon symbolize the Sun and the Moon. Sam Woehrmann Designs. Used with permission.

  • How to get started with jewelry making?

  • This can lead to beautiful and unique jewelry pieces. Here鈥檚 what you need to do to get started with your new hobby: Purchase rough gemstones. If you are looking for specific stones, contact Mosteller Diamonds Gemstones via phone or email.

  • Why are raw stones becoming so popular?

  • With raw stone jewelry becoming ever more popular, you can draw in new customers if you learn how to incorporate raw stones into your jewelry designs and how to educate consumers about caring for these pieces. In this ring, the rough surface of raw quartz beautifully balances the smooth surface of rainbow moonstone cabochons. CustomMade.

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