how to make metal jewelry tags

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Using metal snips, indelible marker and a ruler, cut a piece of 24-gauge sheet metal to the desired size and shape. File the corners and any rough edges and punch hole (s) into tagand flatten. Label one side of your steel block as 鈥渞ubber鈥?and one side as 鈥渟teel.鈥?/div>How to Make Stamped Metal Charms |

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  • What is the best jewelry tag for a business?

  • Jewelry Tags. Custom jewelry tags support laser engraving, mechanical engraving or etching with your own logo artwork or just a business name. Engraved metal jewelry tag is much more efficiency and costive than hand stamped jewelry tag. It also supports a logo with higher resolution in a much better manner.

  • How to engrave on jewellery?

  • Start to gently scratch off the design with your hand engraving jewellery tool. Top tip: If you accidentally mark your metal, simply polish it off by hand or machine. Compare your jewellery engraving design to the original and continue to touch up until you reach the desired finish. Finish off your piece as usual.

  • How do you use a Tang for engraving jewellery?

  • The 鈥榯ang鈥?(pointed handle end) is not as hard as the jewellery engraving tool itself, and is intended to be snapped off to create the ideal length. This rough end should be ground down and inserted into a wooden handle ready for use during the hand engraving jewellery process. Find out how to engrave by hand below.

  • How to make your jewelry design a property of your brand?

  • Just right depth of the logo carved into the metal Electro-plated after etched The logo has the same color with the metal How to make your jewelry design a property of your brand? Electro-plated in gold, rose gold, high polished and vaccum plated stainless steel is adopted in deluxy jewelry and watches

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