how to make jewelry out of flowers

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Take your jewelry resin mold, and pour a small amount of resin into it;it will be the first layer of resin. Then, place the flowers on the layer and arrange them whichever way you please. Use your paddle pop stick to help you move the flowers in position.

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  • How to make homemade jewelry from pressed flowers and resin?

  • How to Make Homemade Jewelry from Pressed Flowers and Resin: STEP 1: Start by creating your resin mold. STEP 2: Once it鈥檚 dry, spray with mold release product generously and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. STEP 3: Take the flowers you鈥檙e going to use to make your DIY jewelry and place it inside the resin cup.

  • How do you make a pendant out of dried flowers?

  • Set your dried flowers on top, using a toothpick or craft stick to move them around as needed. Add more resin to fill the bezel and blow across the top through a straw to eliminate any bubbles. Add the dome to the pendant and allow the resin to cure.

  • How do you make resin from dried flowers?

  • You can speed it up by using the microwave; Once your flowers are completely dried, then you can begin resin crafting. If there is any moisture at all in the flower, it will react with the resin and chance color (usually to an ugly brown) within a couple of weeks.

  • What to do with Hydrangea flowers for jewelry?

  • For example, we make beautiful DIY lavender flower pendant s and pretty floral fridge magnets. For this jewelry project, however, we chose to keep it simple and let the natural beauty of the hydrangea flowers shine. Envirotex Jewelry Resin (use our code CRAFTHABIT10 for 10% off your order!)

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