how to make jewelry out of flowers

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Take your jewelry resin mold, and pour a small amount of resin into it;it will be the first layer of resin. Then, place the flowers on the layer and arrange them whichever way you please. Use your paddle pop stick to help you move the flowers in position.

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  • How to make resin jewelry with flowers?

  • How to make resin jewelry with flowers: Check the size of the dried hydrangeas to ensure they鈥檒l fit inside the jewelry mold. For best results be sure to read the instructions provided in the EnviroTex Jewelry Resin packaging. Mix exactly equal amounts of Resin and Hardener into one measuring cup.

  • What can I use instead of pressed flowers for jewelry?

  • Your very own handmade jewelry made from resin and pressed flowers. You can also use pressed leaves instead of pressed flowers. You don鈥檛 have to limit yourself to dried flowers鈥攖ry using small sea shells or if you鈥檙e feeling more adventurous, colorful bugs!

  • Can you use dried flowers for resin crafting?

  • Once your flowers are completely dried, then you can begin resin crafting. If there is any moisture at all in the flower, it will react with the resin and chance color (usually to an ugly brown) within a couple of weeks. You can embed any dried flower and add color (or even glitter) to the resin for an endless number of project possibilities.

  • What to do with Hydrangea flowers for jewelry?

  • For example, we make beautiful DIY lavender flower pendant s and pretty floral fridge magnets. For this jewelry project, however, we chose to keep it simple and let the natural beauty of the hydrangea flowers shine. Envirotex Jewelry Resin (use our code CRAFTHABIT10 for 10% off your order!)

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