how to make jewelry out of broken china

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  • How do you fix broken china jewelry?

  • Melt some solder and then brush the flux on one side of the piece. Pick up the piece with the pliers or tweezers and run the solder along that side. Continue to flux and solder all the way around the piece. Solder a jump ring to the top of the piece, or glue on a bail. Add a soft layer of leather to broken china for a fast, chic jewelry piece.

  • How do you make jewelry out of China?

  • Cut the china pieces to the size you want for your jewelry pieces and sand the rough edges. Wrap the self-adhesive metal foil around the sides of the china, folding it to the top and bottom and smoothing it as much as possible with your fingers.

  • What to do with broken china dishes?

  • Turn the pieces into necklaces or other jewelry for the family. You can turn a broken heirloom dish into heirloom jewelry with Laura鈥檚 low-temp soldering technique. Once you鈥檝e mastered the basic technique, you can use it to create all types of broken china jewelry!

  • Can You solder a broken china pendant?

  • All the previous broken china jewelry featured designers I`ve written about (see below) solder the metal edging. If you are not ready to learn soldering yet, there is another way to incorporate a broken china pendant in your jewelry design. Shawn Wilson of Shaviq Deisgns came up with this wonderful video tutorial which does not involve soldering.

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