how to make jewelry cards on cricut

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  • How do I make simple cards with the Cricut Joy Machine?

  • To make a simple card with the Joy, you鈥檒l need: 1 Cricut Joy Machine 2 Cricut Joy Card Mat 3 Blank Card Insert Set 4 Pens (depending on the design, but they are used for the 鈥淢ake a Wish鈥?card) 5 Scraper and/or Spatula Tool (helps to get the card off of the cutting mat) More …

  • How to make a card with Cricut insert card kits?

  • First, let鈥檚 cover how to make a card using the Cricut Insert Card Kits. These made-in-minutes cards feature a cutout design along with little corner cuts that allow you to slide in a sheet of contrasting paper (the insert) behind the cut design. Open the Projects tab in Design Space (lefthand toolbar) and select 鈥淐ards鈥?from the dropdown menu.

  • What kind of jewelry can you make with a Cricut?

  • DIY wood earrings are another fun jewelry craft you can make with your Cricut. I鈥檝e found that the easiest way to make wood earrings is to use wood veneer. Often, they are made of genuine wood, which makes them super smooth and easy to work with.

  • How do you make a 5 x 7 card in Cricut?

  • Open a new canvas in Cricut Design Space. Click on shapes and choose the square. Click the lock icon in the bottom left corner of the square to unlock the square’s dimensions. Then change them in the top menu to the size of your unfinished card base, which in this project is 7 x 10. This will create a 5 x 7 card when folded.

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