how to make glitter resin jewelry

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  • How do you add glitter to a resin frame?

  • First add your glitter (this might vary a little depending on the finished look but we鈥檙e just going to start with this). Next take your resin and add a little tiny bit inside the frame. You鈥檒l be shocked by how fast the frame fills up. You don鈥檛 want to overfill it and make it pour over the edge so go slowly and add a tiny bit at a time.

  • Why use resin to make Glitter pendants?

  • The amazing thing about using resin to make these glitter pendants is that it looks like the glitter is floating. Plus they are all just a tiny bit see thru, which adds a unexpected layer of detail.

  • Can you use resin to make jewelry?

  • You can make flower jewelry with this, which will look different and refreshing. This is the most common type of resin that is used to make jewelry but is also more expensive than the other options. However, you can rest assured that you will be getting a 100% non-toxic layer once it has dried up well.

  • How to mix resin and hardener at home?

  • Use a sharpie to mark on the small plastic mixing cup the exact amounts. For instance, mark a line at 8ml for your resin mix and then go up and make another mark at 16ml for your hardener mix. Pour in the resin mix first exactly to the 8ml line and then fill the cup the rest of the way with hardener.

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