how to make duct tape jewelry

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Make it! 1. Measure wrist and cut rope so as a ring, it鈥檚 large enough to slip over your hand. 2. Wrap the rope in metallic ducttape. 3. Adhere strips of colored ducttapeto the parchment paper and cut strips of varying size.

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  • How do you make a shiny bracelet with duct tape?

  • Grab a length of cord and wrap it entirely in metallic duct tape to create a versatile base for a fun piece of jewelry. Even little ones can jump in at this point and add more tape (or beads, charms, or paint) to bling-out these shiny bracelets.

  • What can you make with duct tape?

  • You can make everything from shoes and clothes to furniture and home decor using only duct tape and creativity. Duct (Duck) tape is also waterproof, and it comes in more colors and patterns than I can count, so it has amazing crafty uses way beyond simply sticking things together.

  • Can you use duct tape to wrap a bottle?

  • Thanks to duct tape’s relentless stickiness, no clasps or ties are needed. Make your drink more portable with a handy duct taped sling. Simply wrap a standard bottle, sticky side out, then re-wrap, sticky side in, to create a carrier.

  • Can you use duct tape to make a hammock?

  • Yes, using only duct tape, you can actually make a hammock strong enough to hold an adult! Customize your DIY hammock using the duck tape colors of your choice. This outdoor (or indoor) gear is waterproof, too! 2. Duct Tape Batman Mask Looking for an easy but cool DIY halloween mask?

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