how to make duct tape jewelry

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Make it! 1. Measure wrist and cut rope so as a ring, it鈥檚 large enough to slip over your hand. 2. Wrap the rope in metallic ducttape. 3. Adhere strips of colored ducttapeto the parchment paper and cut strips of varying size.

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  • How do you make a shiny bracelet with duct tape?

  • Grab a length of cord and wrap it entirely in metallic duct tape to create a versatile base for a fun piece of jewelry. Even little ones can jump in at this point and add more tape (or beads, charms, or paint) to bling-out these shiny bracelets.

  • Can You DIY duct tape?

  • Feast your eyes on these amazing DIY duct tape crafts, and get ready to make a run to the craft store right away! Duct tape has come a long way since the days of just gray. With all the different variety of colors and designs that you can find now, it’s the perfect supply for crafts and home decor projects.

  • Why are duct tape crafts so popular?

  • Duct tape crafts are more popular than ever. Why? Perhaps because this sticky wonder now comes in all manner of color, pattern, and design. Maybe the affordability of this handy household item is what has skyrocketed its use in crafty projects, home decor elements鈥ven the fashion world.

  • Can you use duct tape to make Christmas ornaments?

  • Get creative by using duct tape to make cute (and cost-effective) plaid Christmas ornaments. You can make all kinds of designs, but these moose are darling. Furniture made more flashy thanks to the magic to tape! In this case, washi (the thinner, more crafty cousin of duct tape) was used, but duct tape would work, also!

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