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  • How do you make dice with resin?

  • You can dip your stir stick in the resin and add one drip at a time to the top if necessary. The resin will shrink a bit while it dries. Pop your new dice out of your molds. The top will have no number depression, but you’ll know that side is the 1.

  • How do you dye dice for a party?

  • A dye made from alcohol or a mica pigment can be used to add rich colors to the dice. Note that you鈥檒l need a small amount as these dyes and powders are available in a highly concentrated form. For clear dice, you may add glitter to the colorless resin or some confetti to make it ideal for a certain theme.

  • What can I do with my silicone dice?

  • When your silicone is dry, remove the dice from your mold (s). Mix up a batch of resin according to the package instructions with a disposable cup and stir stick. Mix in your chosen items. I particularly liked the sprinkles and glitter. In these pictures, I used some small beads.

  • What are the different types of dice you can create?

  • Here are the different types of dice you can create: Standard dice, which have a particular number of dots or digit on each face There can be at most seven variations in the molds for casting standard dice made of resin.

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